Asociación Española de Traductores, Correctores e Intérpretes

Asociación Profesional de Traductorese Intérpretes Judiciales y Jurados

•  I am very perfectionist and professional, so I have not stopped learning, being trained and improving my abilities and knowledge. I am always ready to learn and work in new fields , however specialised they are.


•  I try to be always available for the client and I provide an exhaustive monitoring of each project, by informing the client about its development and checking with him the doubts and suggestions that might arise and, of course, I am also available after delivering the project.

• I provide very competitive rates , in terms of the quality-price ratio of the projects I undertake. I also guarantee that the project will be developed according to the agreed quote.

• I usually discuss with the client any suggestion or doubt, to ensure that the final text is as natural as possible and that it can be read as if it was originally written in the target language. Thanks to the quality of my translations, the translated message will help you draw more clients , from different countries and fields.



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• Quick service and availability : You can ask for an urgent translation, that you will receive as soon as possible, without losing in the quality of the service.

• Of course, complete CONFIDENTIALITY is guaranteed concerning any document and/or information provided as working material.

• Guaranteed Satisfaction Services: I am concerned about the quality of the translations I make and the satisfaction of the clients; that is why, if any problem arises, I provide a solution without any additional cost.



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