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My name is Ana Coello, I am a professional Translator and Interpreter working from French, English, Italian and Greek into Spanish , as well as a French Sworn Translator .... read more

Asociación Española de Traductores, Correctores e Intérpretes

Asociación Profesional de Traductorese Intérpretes Judiciales y Jurados

Professional translation from English, French, Italian and Greek into Spanish.

The main objective in translation is the proper transmission of the message of the original text, trying to preserve every nuance, the style, the tone, etc. and favouring fluidity in the target text.

Legal translation is an extremely specialised field which requires a wide legal knowledge as well as a lot of accuracy in the target language, impartiality and confidentiality.

Thanks to my training and wide experience, I am qualified to translate legal documents (French - Spanish) such as contracts, articles of association, Company registrations, balance sheets, mergers, assignment contracts, judgements, litigations, assurance texts, powers of attorney, etc. I have also translated letters for CEOs, recommendation letters, and all kind of administrative documents.

• Technical translation requires technical knowledge and the ability to research information and understand new concepts in a specific working field. I have acquired a wide experience in translating (English, French-Spanish) technical specifications in the railway field, which provided me with a very good base and knowledge in mechanical and automotive engineering.

•  Creative translation (literature, marketing, commercial, tourism, journalism) is considered as a creative discipline which requires the perfect understanding of the source text and its intention in a specific style and context, as well as great writing skills in the target language. The way of expressing the message is essential.

I have a wide experience in creative translation (French, English, Greek - Spanish) of tourism and marketing texts, as well as journalistic articles published in different magazines. This allowed me to acquire a flawless writing style in my mother tongue, which guarantees the success of the translations I make in this field.



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Specialisation fields:

•  Legal texts
•  Business and companies documents
•  Mechanical and automotive engineering
•  Retail and Consumers
•  Tourism - Tourism guides and hotel brochures

There are some fields in which I have not had the opportunity of working yet, but as I am particularly interested on them, I have studied and researched on my own. I am waiting for the opportunity of translating in the following fields:

•  Geology
•  Fuel and energies
•  Pharmaceutical
•  Cosmetics



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