Ana Coello Pastor

My name is Ana Coello, I am a professional Translator and Interpreter working from French, English, Italian and Greek into Spanish , as well as a French Sworn Translator .... read more

Asociación Española de Traductores, Correctores e Intérpretes

Asociación Profesional de Traductorese Intérpretes Judiciales y Jurados

I provide the following Interpreting Services with the combination English/French/Greek into Spanish:


•  Conference Interpreting (Simultaneous) : Interpreting in meetings or multilingual conferences on any field, in which the speaker speaks in one language and the interpreters simultaneously transmit the message in the target languages, enabling the audience and the participants of the conference/meeting to hear the speaker's message in their own languages.

I have experience in conference interpreting and in meetings of important international companies, european bodies, workshops and academic conferences.

•  Consecutive Interpreting : In this form of interpreting, the speaker communicates his message and makes pauses so that the interpreter can transmit the message in the target language. This form of interpreting is frequently used in meetings between two parts, press conferences, events' presentations, etc.

•  Telephone Interpreting : Sometimes, two persons that do not speak the same language need to communicate in the telephone (for business, personal reasons, etc.). The interpreter can help in this kind of situation thanks to conference calls, by transmitting the message of/to each part.



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