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Ana Coello Pastor

My name is Ana Coello, I am a professional Translator and Interpreter working from French, English, Italian and Greek into Spanish , as well as a French Sworn Translator .... read more

Asociación Española de Traductores, Correctores e Intérpretes

Asociación Profesional de Traductorese Intérpretes Judiciales y Jurados

Professional translation from English, French, Italian and Greek into Spanish.

The main objective in translation is the proper transmission of the message of the original text, trying to preserve every nuance, the style, the tone, etc. and favouring fluidity in the target text.. read more



I provide the following Interpreting Services with the combination English/French/Greek into Spanish:

Conference interpreting (Simultaneous), Consecutive interpreting , Telephone interpreting..... read more



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Of course, all translated documents should be afterwards revised. Generally, revision or Proofreading is done by a native person in the target language.

Revising or proofreading services , copy-editing services. .... read more